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Hello. My name is Anthony Veliz, and I am the founder of STORI jobs. I can say that I am of Latino descent and proud to be called an Oregonian. I attended the University of Rhode Island and earned a Masters’s Degree in Student Affairs. After college, I moved back to Woodburn, Oregon, to continue the work my family started. That being advocacy for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). This work paid off as I’ve had the privilege to be the first Latino elected to the Woodburn School District Board, and the second Latino elected to serve on the City Council for the City of Woodburn. I currently serve as the Chair of the State Board of Education, the Oregon Youth Authority Advisory Committee member, and the President of the Woodburn Downtown Association.

My life’s work is to advocate for equitable and inclusive communities. In reality, I am continuing what my grandparents started. My grandparents moved to Woodburn in the 1940’s and worked as farmworkers. My parents were advocates for better education and healthcare for minority groups. Back then, the words  “equity,” “diversity” and “inclusion” had a different meaning and did not exist in today’s context. Through their example and upbringing, they instilled in me a sense of responsibility in advocating for my community. Thanks to their efforts and many others, they paved the way for diverse migrant families to have access to basic services. Through my organizations, community service, and work, I am paying it forward. I am fully dedicated to helping, advocate, and fight for our diverse communities.

In my effort to help diversify Oregon’s workforce. I founded STORI jobs. A way to connect employers with diverse job seekers.

STORI jobs Diversity Career Fair at the Oregon Convention Center

STORI jobs is a community that connects employers with diverse candidates through events, professional development, and career advice. This platform allows job seekers and professionals to share their stories and help employers in recruiting diverse talent.

We recognize the need for a dedicated platform to help current employment diversity needs. To help fill this gap, we are hosting a Diversity Career Fair on May 21st, 2020, at the Oregon Convention Center. This event will feature diverse talent, company recruiters, and organizations that are committed to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion practices.

It excites me to know that STORI jobs is leading the way in helping Oregon fill in the diversity workforce gap. By building meaningful relationships, an employer can find diverse talent and job seekers can showcase their unique skills and experience. I hope you join me at the Diversity Career Fair on May 21, 2010 to show Oregon the incredible diverse pool of individuals and organizations that are ready to make a change. Let’s work together to build an equitable, diverse, and inclusive Oregon!

Anthony Veliz

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