Job Seekers: What to Avoid On Your Resume

Grammatical Errors & Typos: This error might seem like the most obvious one but it’s also the most common mistake that gets your resume tossed. Every word needs to be grammatically correct and make sense. One grammatical mistake or typo will show the recruiter that this candidate can’t write or doesn’t care about the job.

Lack of specifics: Be specific in your experiences and accomplishments. These things may be obvious to you but to your recruiter, they are not. Recruiters need to know what you’ve done and what you’ve accomplished. Instead of saying “I worked in a retail store,” describe what was asked of you in this job and the tasks you did.

One Size Does Not Fit All: Every job you apply for is different. The company is different, what the job requires of you is different, etc. Therefore your resume should be different too. Recruiters want to feel like their job opening is your dream job and want you to write a resume specifically for them. It’s okay to use the same examples of experiences for more than one resume, but make sure to tweak it to fit the needs and wants of the job you’re specifically applying for.

Too Long or Too Short? Despite what you may have been told, your resume does not have to be one page. Some people have more experience than others. Now, that doesn’t mean your resume should be four pages long. It’s important to be concise. Your resume should be at least one page but never more than two.

Incorrect Contact Information: Make sure your all your contact information on your resume is correct. Recruiters will be using this information to contact you about potential interviews. Remember to always update contact information if it has changed.

Also, do NOT ever create fake contact references. Recruiters will call at least one of them and will find out if you have created a fake reference. And if you have, you will not get the job.

Words to Avoid:

-Bottom Line


-Can’t or Won’t


-Responsible for…



-Think outside of the box


-References available by request

-Problem-solving skills

Do’s: Looks Are Everything:

-One font style

-Two font colors are ok. Stick to neutral and dark.

-Two font sizes. One size for the title or header, and another for the summary and descriptions.

-Make sure your resume is aligned.