What Recruiters Should Avoid Doing in 2019

It’s a new year which means planning for a new strategy ahead of the year to review on what lessons you have learned in the past about your ways of recruitment. I think it is vital to use the holiday season to relax, rest, recuperate- both physically and mentally from the high pressures and pace of business life. It’s time to recharge and start a new year off right by recruiting the best candidates for your open positions. In that case, the applications now must be quick, seamless and painless to the candidates. Here are a few solutions for avoiding the common mistakes:   

  1. Posting:

If your job postings are too short or too vague you’re likely getting a whole bunch of candidates that don’t fit your position. Your postings need to be concise, interesting and, most of all motivate the right candidates to apply. You are selling the company and its products and what you have to offer to them.  

   2. Wrong Location:

Make sure when you post the job advertisement you put it on the right sites. You wouldn’t want to post it on a website or advertisement that is not relevant or one where it can get easily lost in the shuffle of other job postings.

   3.  Holding Out For Perfect Fit:

Recruiters often make the mistake of being too narrow in their search for the perfect candidate. They sometimes are too focus on looking for that perfect fit than for a person who can stretch and grow into the role that you want.  

  4.   Winging It:

Candidates do not want to come into a interview or job where there is no organization. Recruiters should be prepared to impress candidates because if they don’t think you are a good fit for themselves than they could start to tell other candidates and individuals about the company and how no one should apply or work for the company. Overall, the whole process should be predictable as possible for the candidates. They should feel comfortable knowing the process, next step and what to expect for the interviewer because recruiters often fail to set the right expectations on communications for the candidate.

     5. Being Bias:

Acknowledge that there may be unconscious bias and work actively to think outside the ‘box’ looking for candidates who fit the overarching company values, but also bring something new to the table via their background, their experience, and their language. Make sure that if you do eliminate a candidate it is because of their qualification, and criteria not because you just don’t like them.

Finally, passing on reference checks is a big mistake. Reference checks are very helpful and answer the big in-depth questions about the candidate’s personality, character, and drive. You can’t take any chance to pass up on a great candidate and if you make a mistake during the hiring process than you can possibly lose someone that can do great things for your company. Candidates are being hired faster than recruiters can schedule them. Keeping on top of every viable candidate means communicating quickly and routinely.