How to use Social Media for Recruitment

Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. workforce and companies know that. This is why social recruiters use digital platforms to meet future employees where they are all online. We’re no stranger to this tactic in the world of PR, digital and social media marketing agencies. A candidate’s digital presence serves to supplement a resume, but that’s just the beginning of how social media can reshape your hiring plan. Social medias are a platform that is used to facilitate conversations, between individuals or brands, and consumers. Here are a few examples of how Social Media can help you recruit future employees:  

1. Positions need to be attractive: When looking for a job position the job postings that have specific skill requirements are likely good options for using social media to recruit. Future employees are looking for those job postings that attract there eyes and don’t describe every other job posting that they might see around online. They need to be eye catching and attractive to the employees eye.

2. Understand the audience: Recruiters need to first understand where their ideal candidate is online. This will help them know which social media channels and groups that the company should be posting their job openings. This can be done by asking applicants how they found the job posting or by talking to their current employees.

3. Reach out to candidates with personal touches:  Recruiters need to make their direct messages stand out to future employees. Job searching candidates do not want to have misinformation and messages within these job postings. Effective recruiters treat their practice on social media as a long play and build trust with potential clients by not asking for anything right away. They can offer industry news, interview advice or assistance for people asking for these in online forums. All of this builds a recruiter brand.

4. Continue a high-quality experience throughout the application and interview process:  If the applicant finds the process after the application to be hard or inconvenient than they are not going to want to apply for the position. Therefore, organizations are investing in on-demand digital interviewing, self scheduling for interviews to talk with candidates.

5. Treat the candidate like a consumer:  As consumers, they expect information at their fingertips, to have a high-tech experience and to engage through the media they consume every day. Once you start to interact through social media that will begin their impressions of the company as an employer.

Not only is having a presence through social media help you recruit candidates but you are able to take a look at the candidates on their social media platform to see what kind of employee they are. Someone who is passionately plugged-in can bring that curiosity and drive to their work. It’s a unique advantage for both the candidate and the employer to connect organically online. Savvy job seekers know to use their public social media platforms as a tool to share their skills; it’s up to your hiring team to identify these standout candidates.