Just Graduated. Now What?

For three-plus years you have worked tirelessly to receive your college diploma. Now, you finally got it. So what happens now? Here are some tips and reminders for you post-graduation.

The First Job: Making the transition from a student to a full-time worker can be difficult. A majority of post-graduates will have some type of employment, but rarely will your first job involve your major in any way, but rather your career will really being after that first job. Few grads will actually find their niche early.

That One Friend: Of course there will be that one friend who already has a job lined up before graduation hits or lands their dream job post-graduation. They will make finding a job look easy. Scrolling through your friends’ social media will make it look like they have it all figured out. Don’t get caught up in the trap of comparison.

Job Hunt: Pressure to find work post-graduation can get overwhelming. Hours of networking, tailoring your resume, writing cover letter after cover letter might become tedious. But keep pushing out those resumes. It’s a numbers game. Eventually, you’ll find something.

’20s are hard: The transition of post-college can get lonely and hard. Maybe you move to a new city or state. Maybe you’re no longer in contact with your college friends. Your daily routine is no longer. Now you’re surrounded by people who are older than you. You probably didn’t realize how much was still being taken care of for you. Now you need to find a job, compete with more qualified people for said jobs. Now there are taxes, student loans, healthcare, etc. Adult life is tough and can be overwhelming. But everyone has to go through it. You’re not alone on this journey. Embrace this new found freedom, don’t fear it.

Now What? It’s okay to still not know what you want to do in life. Don’t have it all figured out yet? Good. No one ever really does.

Started From the Bottom Now We Here: Your first job isn’t your final job. We all have to start somewhere. Don’t get discouraged if your first job isn’t what you thought it’d be. You have one foot in the door, now you need to get the other in. Be patient. Don’t be afraid of rejection. It’s all trial and error.

Take risks: Want to take a trip? Want to take a micro-salary job? Most post-graduates don’t have mortgages, kids, or other responsibilities to worry about. Try it out for a year, if you fail or change your mind, you’re still young.

You First: Don’t forget to put yourself first. Eat healthy, stay active, find a primary doctor. Take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s easy to feel like you’re not doing enough or it may seem like everyone has their lives together but you. Stay true to yourself. Everyone’s journey is going to look different.