Where To Post Your Job Postings To Target Diverse Applicants

As millennials enter the workforce in record numbers, employers are looking for strategic ways to meet them in their own environment. Survey after survey has shown millennials are interested in a different type of career when compared to the generation before them. Millennials want to feel wanted in their workplace. Recruiters today have many opportunities to attract millennials not only through job posting through newspapers, but also through online job listing websites, advertisements on billboards, and also through social media websites.

Focus on building strong partnerships with key academic departments, student clubs and faculty members from colleges in your area. College campuses is the number one place where recruiters can start recruiting millennials for job opportunities in there workplace. It doesn’t have to be anything robust. Instead, it could be as simple as reaching out periodically to leaders whether that is through staff or students to inform them of recent openings. As you build trust with certain individuals, they will become a great talent feed into key areas of your recruitment. Also, consider contacting their career center. Almost all universities and colleges have career centers on campuses where future graduates will eventually be looking into careers after they graduate. They’re goal is to getting students placed, so they’re always interested in building relationships with great employers. Focus on making these small changes today, so you can quickly adapt and inexpensively attract more candidates from the millennial generation.

Using your connections to speak in classes and club meetings reaches a demographic of potential applicants who may not be regularly asking their career service center for help. To seek out students who aren’t seeking you, you’ll want to find people where they already are, whether it’s the student unions and clubs on campuses. Usually, academic departments and student organizations use list servers, and social media apps. If you can establish a friend or point of contact to broadcast your open position, you can differentiate yourself from mass emails during recruitment season. Student Unions are always a great place to look for more millennials that might have the same area of expertise that you are looking for. You definitely get more of a diverse group of individuals through different student union groups and clubs than you might not get if you just recruit directly through career centers.

Use a variety of key players from your company for on-campus recruiting. While recruiters and HR professionals are great at selling your organization, students will be more receptive to alumni or those who are doing the job they are applying for. Make sure to tap team members from different departments, levels, and backgrounds.

Opening doors to applicants beyond a short list of target schools increases the quality and diversity of your applicant pool. While it is important and effective to foster relationships with the schools and majors that fit the skill sets you’re looking for, you may be surprised by what you’ve been missing. Be innovative in the way you recruit on college campuses, but also expand the pool from which you recruit.