How To Build Relationships With Job Seeking Millennials

There is no surprise that the generation today that are growing rapidly is millennials. They come in with having access to new technology, communications and other opportunities that wasn’t available to other generations before them. Now companies and major corporations today are trying to find ways to build those strong relationships with job seeking millennials that will connect them with this growing generation. Some steps that will help recruiters build these relationships are:

Engage: For example, many millennials are not interested in just going to work everyday and working in the office until it’s time for them to retire. If they do not seem engage in their job than they are going to find work elsewhere. They are not going to be afraid to walk out the door to look for other job opportunities that make them feel meaningful or happy about the work they are doing.  

Play To Their Strengths: In order to stay engage with millennials it’s important to treat them as individuals with respect. All millennials want to hear are how much they are being valued in the workplace. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about how there day is going, how there family is? Anything to make them know that you are interested in how they are doing outside of work. What are there career goals? Once they start to feel more valued as individuals than just a group of employees who work at the company than they will grow more loyal and engage more into the company or business.

Mentorship Program Opportunities: They are a tool to build understanding between the different generations in your workplace. Offer an open program where employees can be a part of these mentorship programs or opportunities that will be based on their skills and abilities to apply them to the job. You can have a mentor relationships where a more experience employee takes a younger or group style employees and help them with different job descriptions or vice versa and have them all work together to succeed in the workplace. Millennials believe they have a lot to offer, and they feel empowered when they are able to teach others what they know.

Give Opportunity To Career Growth: Many millennials like to learn. Without growth opportunities there is no point in working for a company that is not gonna lead to career growth. Offer opportunities for this generation to develop their knowledge and skills. Again, play to their strengths. Allow Millennials to identify which strengths they’d like to optimize and which areas for growth they’d like to improve. Ensure all employees are aware of the opportunities available to them to grow their careers within your company. Help them achieve their career goals that  they are interested in reaching. You will receive engage, loyal and motivated employees who will be eager to work in your workplace and contribute in anyway possible.

In the end, once you are able to attract millennials to these job opportunities it will help your company or business succeed even more with all the new skills and knowledge that these younger generation millennials will be able to share with you.