A Step-by-Step Guide to Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion Part 1: 50+ Ideas

Those that have been following STORI jobs know that we passionately advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workforce.  We found this great article with some helpful tips for those recruiters who work hard every single day to diversity their workforce.

As advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.  We all can make a difference. Sometimes its just finding your voice when an opportunity to advocate for a more inclusive workforce.   We found this great article with some tips!Nobody’s ever said that diversity and inclusion work is easy. But having grown a team that recently hit a 50:50 gender ratio (an uncommon feat, especially in Silicon Valley), I can let everyone in on a secret: It’s not rocket science, either.

The key is starting. And the earlier the better – the longer you wait to build a diverse workforce and inclusive culture, the harder it will be in the future.  To help companies get started today, I’m excited to share over 50 of the ways you can invest in diversity and inclusion. Understandably, every team worries about headcount, budget, and bandwidth, but diversity and inclusion should – and more importantly, can – be a priority in resource-strapped companies.

So much of what it takes to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace is about approaching tasks every company has to do anyway, but in much more a thoughtful and deliberate way. Here’s what we’ve done, and you can too: