How To Lead The Push For Diversity In The Workplace

As advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.  We all can make a difference. Sometimes its just finding your voice when an opportunity to advocate for a more inclusive workforce.   We found this great article with some tips!

Diversity is such an important topic. Data shows that organizations that are more diverse not only make more money, but are more innovative, smarter, and retain more of their staff.

But more work still needs to be done to continue to advance the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. While the U.S. has increasingly gotten more and more diverse, we still must break down the barriers to diversity that continue to exist in many organizations.

Major tech companies such as Google and Apple are making efforts to boost their own diversity, but they’re still having trouble achieving it. So what can organizations and leaders do to reflect the growing tide of data that shows that diversity simply makes good business sense?