2017 Recruitment Trends: 5 Trends in Hiring and Managing the Millennials

As we spring into action, it is always good to take time and reflect on how we go about doing what we do. 2017 brings new beginnings, fresh starts and also new challenges. Recruitment and management front are changing far more rapidly this year as the workplace is evolving faster than you can imagine.

Millennials are the key drivers to these new shifts as they are now old enough to be in management roles or to take over the corporate leadership from the Baby Boomers. It is therefore important for you to acknowledge them and to harness the true potential leadership skills of the millennials.
Here are five trends to look out for in the year 2017 when hiring and managing the millennial:

1. Passing the Torch to Millennials
2. Flexible Working Hours Creates a Balance
3. Casual Workplace Culture and Office Attire
4. Flexible Performance Management Systems
5. Out Goes Hierarchies, In Comes Creative Teamwork

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