Well-Prepared in Their Own Eyes

We found this interesting article about the gap between what college graduates think vs. the employers who are hiring them.

It turns out that college students are being well-prepared for their future careers — at least in their own minds. Ask employers, and it’s a very different picture.

The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) asked groups of employers and college students a series of similar questions about career preparation. They could be scary reading for many students and the college educators who are trying to prepare them for careers. AACU is releasing the survey results today, in advance of the annual meeting at which the group will mark its centennial.

Consistent with past AACU surveys, this one found that employers are concerned about new graduates having a range of skills in areas like communication and team work — and that employers aren’t as obsessed as some governors with questions about students’ choice of major. This year, AACU did a companion survey of college students — 613 students at public and private two-year and four-year colleges. The employer results come from 400 respondents whose organizations have at least 25 employees and report that 25 percent or more of their new hires hold either an associate degree from a two-year college or a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college.