Tips for Recruiting Millennial Women

No excuses! There is plenty of research out there on how to recruit women into leadership positions. If any organization is going to stay relevant, it is a must to recruit, retain and advance women in your organization. Here are a few pointers.

Authenticity is increasingly becoming a touch point for Millennials when seeking new career opportunities. They expect an organization’s employer brand and recruitment messaging to honestly reflect the company’s culture and its values.

Discrepancies between what’s promised and what’s delivered are a definite turn-off. So how can male-dominated companies-aware that a lack of women in leadership positions may take a financial and competitive toll-present an authentic view of their company that will be enticing to female Millennials?

Don’t Just Check the Box! Balancing the gender scales within organizations will provide both business and culture success, but not if women are hired more for being female than for being top candidates.