14 "Must-Adopt" Recruiting Techniques for Hiring Millennials

Organizations are battling for on of the most coveted talent in the market, Millennials! Here are 14 tips to stay competitive.

To find out what it takes to draw in this highly sought-after community, we asked recruiters and anyone hiring young talent what they believe are the “must-adopt” recruiting techniques for hiring Millennials. Here are our favorite responses:

TIP #1: Engage in social media.
TIP #2: Put a real name and face behind the corporate social media accounts
TIP #3: Have a “why”
TIP #4: Make sure your website and social identities are up to date
TIP #5: Keep selling your company and follow up
TIP #6: Be respectful of all recruits, including the ones that didn’t make the cut
TIP #7: Recruiters should expect and prepare for repeat business from Millennials
TIP #8: Build relationships with Millennials before they enter the market
TIP #9: Live the company brand and culture
TIP #10: Show what it’s like to work in your office
TIP #11: Accept failure
TIP #12: Offer flexible work options
TIP #13: Offer training in the “cool” offices
TIP #14: Build a community

This last tip bookends the very first tip in this article – to actually engage on social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Once you’re comfortable with social engagement, the next big step is to create a community where those interested can have open and frank discussions in a comfortable online/offline space with hiring managers and employees.

CONCLUSION: Millenials want the same things as other generations, but prioritize differently