5 ways managers can keep millennials happy and working hard

Organizations that want to stay ahead of the recruiting curve need to understand what our upcoming talent want and need to feel successful in their careers. Here are a few tips we found that might help.

With millennials on track to make up 50 percent of the workforce by the year 2020, employers might have to rethink the old way of doing things if they want to retain and keep that top talent.

1. Don’t confuse what motivates you with what motivates them

“If you want to hire and retain a millennial, you must be willing to learn their values,” Dessau said, adding that millennials are often less interested in salary and more so in things like corporate responsibility.

2. Don’t assume that if you can’t see them, they aren’t working

“Millennials don’t work 9-5. They don’t think the same way. Be flexible,” he said.

3. Allow them some me-time

“That means if they’re using Facebook at work, that’s not a problem. Seven out of 10 expect some “me-time” at work. Part of what we like is how connected they are, … how used to social networks they are. … You can’t expect them to have that and not use them,” Dessau said.

4. Make them part of your world

“You won’t get away with I told you so. That won’t mean anything to them. That’s not what they accept. You have to explain it to them in terms of context and strategy,” he said.

5. Give feedback when they need it, not when you need it

“Millennials like continuous and constant feedback. They want to have people talking to them all the time,” Dessau said.