Diverse Millennials eager to make their mark in the world!

Employers today voice a need for more diversity in all areas of their workforce. There are a lot of positive benefits that diversity has to offer to an organization. Organizations need to understand that their workforce will be made up of the young people of today, especially the millennials that come from diverse backgrounds whose education, experiences and skill-sets will play an integral role in all industries. Employers need to be aware that diversity will only increase. This brings a set of challenges, but the opportunities are endless. Adding a new generation of young, diverse individuals into the workforce will increase the bottom line. There is one thing that I learned in the the School of Business at Portland State University, the more diverse the team, the better product or services.

Diverse millennials want to feel motivated and inspired in all careers. Unfortunately, they are finding challenges to even take the first step, which is getting hired. So how do we change things? Well it can start in our institutions of higher education. Our colleges and universities are becoming more diverse. Diverse millennials are going to college to compete for positions they may traditionally have not applied for. College sets the foundation for job competitiveness. Now it is up to the rest of us to open the doors and welcome this new and energetic group of people.

As we travel across Oregon and SW Washington visiting colleges and universities, we are finding that many diverse millennials are the first in their families to attend any institution of higher education. So that is very exciting. They have done their part to prepare themselves. Now we as public and private sector employers need to step up and do ours. Be focused and intentional on building long-term relationships with this new diverse workforce. Millennials are eager to work and want to make a difference in the world.